About Alanna

Meet Alanna J.Wall. Born in 2000, Alanna truly is a new millennium girl. She is the founder of “Polished Girlz”.

Alanna wanted to combine her love of drawing and nail design for different projects, but was told she was too young to volunteer. Nevertheless, Alanna’s compassionate spirit made her want to share her talents with young ladies that were hospitalized or not feeling quite as “polished”, so she decided to start her own organization.

Add a mission of hand washing, infection reduction, and a few like minded friends, and the “Polished Girlz” were born. Born to Rock, Born to Shine, and Born to Serve!

Fast forward through year one, and what started as a single girl with a dream and her mom, has grown into thousands of children served and hundreds of registered volunteers and counting! We are excited to continue with Alanna’s vision as it spreads throughout the United States, Australia and Canada and are quite excited that the Polished Girlz will be a featured organization in China for the Unaited Nations presentation on Americas Service organizations.

Her Desire to Give Back

Alanna has had a heart to serve since she was very young, and at the age of 8 she wanted to make scarves for every single girl with a diagnosis of cancer. Eventually, after many visits to her Nana, she found a passion for Polish and glitter. Her love of drawing and design led to her not only polishing nails, but adding really cool nail art like designer palm trees, animal prints, and free hand design. Once she decided that she could easily make girls smile by painting their nails, Polished Girlz was born and took off like a lightning rod.

Every where that she went they were asking her to return and to become a long term partner. This is when she knew she was really on to something. After serving about 100 children, she started to reach out to friends, and began to receive press about her work. That press led not only to the additional requests to serve, but requests to volunteer and start teams nationwide.

Dayton Team captain, 11yo Jasmine A, can often be seen by Alanna’s side polishing or helping with orientations, and young team captians Cian and Ciarra are leading the Polished Girlz Chicago team on a road to sucess!

Since Alanna’s goal was always to offer her love and support worldwide, she began to expand Polished Girlz to other states including Chicago and Rhode Island. Currently, she is expanding nationwide. None of this could have been possible without the love and support of family, friends, community leaders, and especially the volunteers!

When Alanna is not polishing nails she is drawing, diving, and playing the violin. She loves hanging out with her little brother Jeffrey and friends. She spends a large amount of her spare time polishing nails at home or learning the hottest new nail polish techniques. Alanna has also started designing jewelry and a custom line of polished girlz nail polish, which were both featured in the 2012 Teen Choice Celebrity Gift baskets that were given to all of the nominees and presenters.

Alanna Wall of Polished GirlzAlanna hopes that she will continue to build relationships with national organizations and businesses so that the Polished Girlz becomes not only a nationwide success, but a global service organization. Alanna says her proudest moment as being the founder of the Polished Girlz organization was when she served her first 500 girls and expanded to other states because that let her know that she was doing a great job and her dreams were really coming true. Glitter really does make everything better, and its not work if you love it!!!

The Polished Girlz are available to polish for hospitals, support groups, chemotherapy centers, dialysis centers, and private referred clients. Please feel free to Contact Us for additional information.

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We are looking for volunteers to join our existing chapters or help us create a new chapter in your area.

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