Our Clients

We Love Our Clients!

They are the reason we do what we do. Whether we are visiting a children’s hospital, a fund raising event, or rehab facility, we are always met with enthusiastic clients awaiting their pampering…and we love it!

Seeing those smiling faces and hearing their heroic stories enforces our belief in the Polished Girlz cause. It is those happy clients that we look forward to seeing at each and every event! We all deserve to look and feel beautiful and our clients are the most beautiful people we have had the pleasure to meet!

Polished Girlz Clients Collage

Our Rave Reviews!

Vandalia Butler Highschool vollyball team volunteered with us. At their team banqute a team member was asked what was highlight of her year, instead of saying that a highlight was sports she said “my highlight was volunteering with a little girl at Childrens Medical Center polishing nails to make the girls feel special.”

My daughter loves the Polished Girlz and she will not miss an Association Meeting because she does not want to miss getting her nails done. We were in a bad car accident last week and instead of staying in bed like I offered her she said no mom I’m getting my nails done. She came to get her nails polished bruises and all.
LouAnn L – Client Mom

We love you girls so much, the clients love you too, we miss you so much when we dont see you and the parents even will match the girls clothes to their nails so like for a week they will be wearing pink or whatever color they get!
Diane – Director of Volunteer Services URS

Donna Cravotta- 😉

We are so happy to have you girls back this year, they had such a great time last year we cannot wait!
Kelly Willis- Director of Muscular Dystrophy Association Greater Cincinnati

Hello Mrs. Ragland!
I just wanted to send you a personal email to sincerely THANK YOU for providing such a wonderful service to our families at the 2nd Annual Sickle Cell Family Day on May 5 at Sinclair Community College. I have gotten back nothing by positive feedback concerning your table. THANK YOU! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Please let me know if there is anything that you need for us to do to support POLISHED GIRLZ …and I will keep you in the loop with any other sickle cell events that we have coming up.
Take care,
Chava Shanklin, LSW
Regional Outreach Educator
West Central Ohio Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center

Lonnie you did them the exact same color as my shirt!
Olivia 18yo

For 25 years Caboodles has been introducing females of all ages into their Caboodles world, filled with neat freaks, make-up mavens, treasure collectors, dream catchers and everything in between. With an extensive line of fun, playful cosmetic organizational products designed to fit every style and need, Caboodles continues to create unbreakable bonds with girls and women everywhere. Committed to the empowerment of females, Caboodles is so proud to be involved with Polished Girlz by donating their classic On-the-Go Girl cases in pink, as well as Ooh La La petite cases with holographic stars.
Sue Theibert- The Caboodle Company (Our strongest corporate partner)

I can believe that getting her nails polished has made her lift not only her hands up but her chin up, I cannot thank you girls enough for what you have done for my daughter.
Proud Dad

Look Dad I’m a Superhero!!!! (pic in June 15th photo album on fb page)
Mended Little Hearts Dayton

My niece was in a horrible car accident and the person in the other car did not make it, she spend quite a while in Childrens Hospital very upset and sad because she had also broken her back. One day these volunteers came in to just polish her nails and she was so happy. She even forgot for just a little while that she was in so much pain.
Raymond R.

Every Girl deserves to be Polished!

~ Alanna Wall

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