Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the life-blood of our organization. Without their dediation, caring and hard work, we would not be able to make so many girls feel so special.

Here are just a few of the Polished Girlz who are working hard to give back to their community and making a difference!

Jasmine A.

Jasmine is the very first Polished Girlz youth volunteer and she started almost immediately after the organization was founded in 2011. At only 10 1/2 years old Jasmine spent her days off of school and even half days out of school volunteering around the City of Dayton for organizations including, The Mended Little Hearts, The Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association, the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation to name a few. If you see Alanna, most likely Jasmine is right by her side. Now a Team Captain, Jasmine helps to train new volunteers, spot new nail trends, and participate in multiple media opportunities. In her spare time Jasmine, is a cheerleader, and loves to sing and dance. She loves to create arts and crafts projects and one day would like to star in her own TV show! The Polsihed Girlz are so lucky to have Jasmine on our team and we know that she has an amazing future ahead of her!

Eboni B. and Sydni B.

These Teen sisters are a dynamic duo! Part of our Hospital Polish Team, they were even willing to get the flu shot in order to polish during the winter to ensure that our clients did not sick. Child Life Specialist Kristy Rowe at Dayton Children’s Medical Medical Center says of the Polished Girlz, “we have adults that will stop volunteering because they are not willing to take the flu shots for our patients but you guys still come and your young that’s amazing.” These star students will be heading to college soon where they will be able to make an even greater impact and they will truly be missed, but until then these design stars are two girls that are one of a kind and we look forward to seeing them a each hospital visit.

Vandailia Butler Varsity Vollyball Team

These girls are truly a team and take team spirit to the next level, led by now long term Polished Girlz Volunteer Madeline Kreill, this team took time out of their busy match schedule to participate in our very first Children Medical Center Polish. They left such an impression on the staff that we have now been serving at that hospital for over a year. We could not have done it without them Initially Alanna was told that she was too young to serve on the unit because of her age. This team showed the hospital staff how, kind, considerate, caring, and dedicated our volunteers are. They were a perfect reflection of how a “no” can be turned into a yes, and it can just mean “not now” it doesn’t mean “not you,” or “not ever” and we love that!


Thirteen year old Cyan lives in Chicago and was excited when her cousin Alanna asked her to get involved in Polish Girlz to start in Chicago. Cyan loves to make others feel good and desires for everyone of all colors, backgrounds and needs to be able to get along and live in harmony with one another. She feels that she can play a major part by polishing Chicago one girl at a time. She enjoys bringing smiles to the girls and even occasionally practicing her Spanish:) Cyan loves servicing her community not only through Polished Girls but through the Girl Scouts and Junior National Honor society. She also enjoys polishing with her little sister Ciarah who Loves being a Polished Girlz too.

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Kaela W.

Kaela is a quiet 14 year old with a heart of pure gold. Volunteering with the Polished Girlz since 2011 with her best friend Julia she is a shining example of how amazing our youth are. Kaela loves helping others in any way that she can as evidenced by her complete and utter patience and attention to detial when she polishes with us. Kaela enjoys playing vollyball and hanging out with her friends she also likes shopping and just being with her family. It is our honor to have Kaela as a part of our Polished Girlz Team.

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We are looking for volunteers to join our existing chapters or help us create a new chapter in your area.

If you would like to get involved visit our Join Polished Girlz page and learn more about you can help others in your community.


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